Quality Management System Policy

Integrico (Pty) Ltd consists of two discrete businesses, Integrico Facilities Management and Mndhavazi Catering.

Integrico provides facilities management services and specializes in building maintenance and repair services, corporate cleaning services and garden maintenance.

Integrico prides itself on its unique understanding of clients’ premises and expectations, which enables it to provide exceptional service delivery from start to finish. Integrico provides its services nationwide and its head office is based in Johannesburg.

Mndhavazi is a premier food catering organization which considers food quality and safety as fundamental to our ongoing business. The Mndhavazi goal is to provide high quality, safe food every time, everywhere. We work tirelessly to earn the trust of our customers and consumers, beginning with the safety of the products we produce and extending to improving food safety around the entire South African region in which we operate.

Both Integrico and Mndhavazi are committed to satisfy the implicit and explicit requirements of our shareholders, customers, regulators and statutory bodies.   We are committed to continual improvement of our quality management system.

The bolded and underlined text designates the items monitored as part of the quality objectives.

This Quality Policy and Quality Objectives will be reviewed at Management Review meetings.